Our Rating System

My rating system for this site is a little different than your average review site. I don’t use starred or other incremental rating systems, as it feels disingenuous. Just because I didn’t like a work, doesn’t mean that you or someone else won’t like it. So, every book is rated based on my personal opinion of it, using three criteria:

  1. I (enjoyed/did not enjoy) this book
  2. I thought this book was (well written/fairly written/poorly written)
  3. I (would/would not) recommend this book

I will sometimes enjoy a book, but think no one else should read it. I sometimes will think a book was poorly written, but worthy of a read. Sometimes a book will be terrible and shouldn’t be considered.

All of these are my opinions. I hope that you will consider how my opinion compares to your own, and react accordingly. Even if I give a book all poor ratings, it doesn’t mean that someone can’t find enjoyment in it.